About me

Hello and welcome to my research page! I am a marine biologist interested in how coastal marine habitats interact with the environment and how the environment can influence interactions between species. Broadly, my work combines molecular techniques and field ecology to better understand how environment-organism interactions can influence processes important to ecology, evolution and conservation. I work closely with the Kelp Rescue Initiative, run out of Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.


I am currently a Mitacs Fellow with University of Victoria (formerly NSERC fellow) and the Pacific Salmon Foundation. I am working with Dr. Julia Baum and primarily studying how broad-scale drivers (esp. marine heatwaves) and fine-scale conditions (e.g. wave exposure, human activities) can interactively influence temperate kelp forests and tropical coral reefs. In late 2022, I will transitioning to the University of Western Australia in Perth to take up a Forrest Fellowship

I completed my PhD in 2019 from the Department of Botany and Beaty Biodiversity Research Centre at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver. At UBC, I was a Killam Scholar and I worked in the lab of Dr. Patrick Martone, investigating the evolution and ecology of rocky shore seaweeds.